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Coping with Thyroid Problems

(Out of Print)

by Dr Joan Gomez

Thyroid problems can play havoc with your health and your emotions, and produce a baffling range of symptoms. You may have trouble with an overactive thyroid, making you jumpy, exhausted and hot, or an underactive thyroid, which leaves you feeling fat and shivery. Either way, you need clear, reliable information to help you understand your problem, and talk to your doctor about the treatments that are available. Dr Gomez understands how it feels to have a thyroid problem, and offers advice and support to help you cope.

Dr Joan Gomez is a doctor and an established Sheldon author. Previous books include How to Cope with Anaemia (1998), How to Cope with Bulimia (1995) and Living with Diabetes (1995).

216 x 138 mm
ISBN: 978-0-85969-687-6

Jacket Image 9780859696876

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