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Living with Asperger Syndrome

by Dr Joan Gomez

Asperger syndrome, which affects communication and social interaction, is a neurological disorder which is believed to affect more than 200,000 people in the UK. Unlike others on the autistic spectrum, those with Asperger syndrome often want to communicate, and to share their lives, but donít know how.

This book looks how families with an ďAspieĒ can help them be accepted for what they are, to lead full lives and to make the most of their unique gifts. It explains the common signs of Asperger syndrome in babies and young children, and gives advice to parents on how to overcome any difficulties at school that an older child might face. Advice is also given on the vulnerable teenage years and how to promote relationships with others. This book also looks at the historical background to this disorder, and at great thinkers with Asperger type characteristics, including Einstein.

Dr Joan Gomez is Honorary Consulting Psychiatrist to the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. She is the author of several successful Sheldon Press titles including, Living with Diabetes (1995) and Living with Osteoporosis (2001). She lives in Farnham, Surrey.

216 x 138 mm
ISBN: 978-0-85969-935-8
Price: £7.99
Jacket Image 9780859699358

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