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The Empathy Trap: Understanding Antisocial Personalities

by Dr Jane McGregor & Tim McGregor

People without a conscience manipulate their way through life and take much more than they give, leaving a trail of bewildered victims in their wake. Drawing on real life cases, The Empathy Trap explores the taboo subject of sociopathy, which affects up to 4 per cent of the population. It explains how sociopaths operate in everyday life and why they're often difficult to spot. It defines sociopathy, and related conditions such as psychopathy, narcissism, and personality disorder, all of which can profoundly wound people with normal empathy. There’s advice on coping with the aftermath of a destructive relationship, and keeping sociopaths at bay while re-establishing boundaries and control of your life. Includes resources and further help.

New Publication
216 x 138 mm
ISBN: 978-1-84709-276-2
Price: £9.99
Jacket Image 9781847092762

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